Will You Be My Valentine?

Romeo Romeo 2.14

This dapper young gent stepped off the pages of a Shakespearean romance on February 14th to court a dangerously lucky lady and give her a Valentines Day she’ll never forget.

Romeo, Romeo… Where art thou Romeo? I’ll tell you where he is: riding the 1L. Mystery solved. So if you’re a lonely lady looking for your strapping Prince Charming and you’re not taking a casual ride down SoCo on perhaps the stinkiest bus route in town… you’ve got it all wrong.  Just check out those whisping locks, the waves of ruffled red satin, that blinding Colgate smile and the perfect amount of bling.

Is it legal to be this devilishly good looking? There he sits in the handicapped section of his CapMetro chariot, poised with a single rose gazing into the heavens dreaming of his Juliet… all while driving the female patrons of CapMetro absolutely WILD. How does one get so lucky as to score a date with this slice of man?

Moral of the story: if thou hast it, thou must flaunt it.

Also, whoever made up the ‘no white pants after Labor Day’ rule obviously hasn’t laid their eyes upon this hunk.



  1. Alicia

    Dude, this guy’s name is actually Romeo Rose. You might not want to score a date with him, though, because he’s a certified psycho.

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